Many people do not know that the cell phone service providers that allow users to send SMS to others are also offering a public SMS gateway. This will enable users to send and create messages via the official website of that service provider. Actually, many websites have their own gateway that allows them to send SMS messages to visitors.

Now that you have this information, it is important to be aware of the different features available for each SMS gateway. You can send multiple messages at once to certain gateways. Some will let users have several groups. Others allow you manipulate and manage the messages that are sent and created.

One of the best things about an SMS messaging gateway is its ability to allow you to send multiple messages, even to other networks. Those who don’t have cell phones capable of sending SMSs will still be able to send one message to any person they want to.

These gateways offer a perfect solution for people who don’t have a phone. It is also very affordable, as you only need a computer with an internet connection to access these gateways.

As with all things, these gateways come with their drawbacks. One of the most important is the inability to provide enough security. When you connect through the internet, other people can see your messages and call logs.

Contrary to specific SMS messaging gateways that mobile phones use, public ones can be seen more easily by people than the private ones.

These public gateways are commonly known as SMS Centers (or SMSC) by many people. Most people do not realize that these gateways use a large, complex software application. It also has a large database. The message gateways use this database to store and deliver messages to the recipients.

Most people don’t know that public gateways are extremely useful, especially for countries that aren’t economically stable or have citizens that do less well than the rest.

Although it does have some disadvantages, it is still a great option for people who depend on them. These gateways can be used to your advantage by even people who do not have mobile phones.