Cats are now so much a part of their lives of people. Like dogs, they’ve become wonderful companions. Cuddly pets since they are, that they need attention and the caring treatment of the owners.

As a cat owner, you have to have brought upon yourself the duty of taking very good care of your kitty and giving it all of the care and love it deserves. So, when you see that something is wrong with the creature, you can feel upset. You will spend sleepless nights fretting about its own health. Envision how you can feel if one day you may notice blood on your cat’s urine! Upset may not be sufficient to describe your perception within your cat’s plight. Stress may be similar to it.

You have all of the right to fear if your cat starts urinating blood. Blood in cat urine isn’t a fantastic sign. Ordinarily, it indicates the existence of a health condition that requires immediate medical therapy. The medical term used to refer to cat pee with blood is hematuria.

Hematuria could be”gross” or observable to the naked eye. It might also be microscopic, meaning it could only be observable through a microscope. Hematuria can be Brought on by a number of causes such as these:

o Stones in the urinary tract

O Cancer of the genital or urinary tracts

o Birth defects or congenital urinary tract abnormalities

O Parasites from the urinary tract

O Trauma because of injury or accidents

O Vaginitis or cystitis and other bacterial diseases of the genital and urinary tracts

O Ingestion of noxious substance

There are cases that the reason for hematuria from the kitty cannot be determined. In cases like this, the condition is known as benign idiopathic hematuria. Ordinarily, this type of illness in cats originates in the kidney.

Hematuria can also result in using particular medications.

As you might see in the listing above, there are lots of elements which may result in the existence of blood in cat pee. A number of the factors are mild ailments and can easily be treated while others may be severe and require immediate medical care.

Treatment for hematuria is dependent upon the factor leading to it. The veterinarian may carry out a battery of tests for example x-rays and urinalysis to ascertain the reason for the issue. The vet may then prescribe therapy based on identification.

Many times, the vet may prescribe antibiotics to deal with issue. Antibiotics will help fight against germs and infections that might result in the blood in cat pee.

If kidney stones would be the reason for cat pee with blood, the vet may guidance giving the cat specific quantity of water or liquid every day. Water may help flush out the rocks which might be obstructing the cat’s urinary tract.

On occasion, the vet may guidance the cat owner to alter the cat’s diet plan. From time to time, the kitty’s diet may have properties that may result in the formation of either urinary or kidney stones. Together with the change of diet, vitamins like vitamin K and vitamin C might also be administered. Vitamin K helps address the issue on hematuria that’s brought on by the consumption of substances that are poisonous.

It’s not normal for cats to have blood from its own urine. Next time you detect traces of blood on your cat’s urine, then take your pet to your vet whenever possible. You might be saving your cat out of additional dangers.